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Our stainless steel products are manufactured in our own factory and meet the highest quality standards. All products are submerged in a special bath and become acid pickled internally and externally. The pickling effectively removes all impurities from the surface of the steel. After high pressure cleaning with cold water a strong, uniform chromium oxide film is reestablished. Passivation of the products is the final stage to create a clean and corrosion protected steel surface


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We contacted Fenicrom and after we looked at their sets, their technical drawings we had a very good conversation back and forth very fast and they were really answering every single day whenever I had questions so that we choose to go with Fenicrom for the new installation. They know what they are doing, are knowledgeable in designing and answering questions that the providers had so in a couple of months when the drains are installed, we have a look and see what they look in real life.

Paulo Custodio
Brouwerij Frontaal

I decided to install Fenicrom’s Drainage System after seeing it used locally. The drainage system was well priced and the turn around time was very quick. The quality, strength and appearance of this drainage system surpassed my expectations. I Found Evelien and her team to be very professional, friendly and accommodating.
I would hope to use Fenicrom Drainage Channels in any future applications.

Geoffrey McMenamin
Engineering Manager, Killybegs Seafoods

First of all I would like to thank you for the quality of products you have delivered for us.We even had many guests requesting to purchase their own drains as they were custom made. It is a very detailed and luxurious touch, making and holding our market position as the number 1 hotel in the Netherlands. I would highly recommend you as company delivering custom stainless steel drains.

Dennis van Slimming
Chief Engineer, Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Sie haben bereits Edelstahlrinnen für das Bauvorhaben Liveo Research in Bötzingen geliefert. Mit der Qualität und der Genauigkeit sind wir sehr zufrieden. Die Rinnen sind inzwischen eingebaut. Alle passt.

Hans-Jörg Engel
Dipl. Ing. (TU) Architekt

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